13 Septiembre 2018

Bienvenida Carolina Policichio, nueva gerente RRHH

Carolina es Psicóloga con MBA en Dirección de Recursos Humanos. Cuenta con más de 15 años de experiencia... ver más

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11 Septiembre 2018

Havas and Capitol Music Group Form Annex Tower Creative

A Culture and Entertainment Agency In an attempt to maximize and expand its culture networkANNEX, Havas and... ver más

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11 Septiembre 2018

Maria Garrido: Ad industry is approaching “tipping point”

The traditional advertising industry and established brands are approaching a “tipping point”, says Havas Group... ver más

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13 Agosto 2018

AdExchanger to Havas interview: Digital Fraud

CEO of Havas Media North America Colin Kinsella explains in AdExchanger how concerns over digital fraud and efforts to... ver más

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12 Agosto 2018

Breaking into Advertising

Havas Group’s Chief Talent Officer, Patti Clarke, gives Adweek some must-know tips for breaking into... ver más

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9 Agosto 2018

Meaningful Data: a measurable impact for clients

Shane Ankeney, president of Havas Group Media North America, defines meaningful data and how it can make a measurable... ver más

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7 Agosto 2018

Family Feel at Havas

Mike Amour, Chairman & CEO of Havas APAC, talked to AdForum about the family feel at Havas, our new chapter with... ver más

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6 Agosto 2018

Fabien Aufrechter of Havas: blockchain

 Fabien Aufrechter, head of Havas Blockchain, gets past the buzzwords and provides some poignant examples from Havas... ver más

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5 Agosto 2018

Conoce nuestro más reciente estudio “Meaningful Media”

Havas Group Media CEO Peter Mears and Global Chief Strategy Officer Greg James have launched a new platform of... ver más

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4 Agosto 2018

Vivendi: The company’s report

Vivendi: The company reported that profitability was up in the second quarter of 2018. Strong performance of... ver más

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12 Julio 2018

Las cinco nuevas redes mundiales con las que Havas busca revolucionar la industria publicitaria

Redes centradas en CRM (Customer Relationship Management), gestión de eventos, marketing de rendimiento, comunicación... ver más

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9 Julio 2018

Actually, yes we Cannes

A view from Peter Mears: Forget the negative talk about agencies being on the back foot at Cannes Lions 2018. Peter... ver más

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